FL / Bahamas, USA
1 242 455 8579
Previously named XTA-SEA

CaptainTamas Hamor Hungarian 1976 yacht master
Sara Hajdu Hungarian 1977 STCW95
Number of Crew: 2Languages: Fluent: English, Spanish, Hungarian Basic: Russian

Crew Profiles:
Your Hungarian crew welcomes you on board!

Captain Tamas Hamor learned to sail 10 years ago when he was living in Spain, running his very successful construction business, and sailed all over in the Mediterranean. Before becoming a sailor he owned two bars and worked as a bartender, so nobody can make you more tasteful cocktails than him!
The first mate/chef Sara is a girl with many hats. She started to sail when she was 5 years old on the beautiful lake Balaton, in Hungary, than later on the Mediterranean as all her family members are sailors. She is also a lawyer but gave up her office to be out on the big blue. She is an excellent chef, with lots of Hungarian dishes on the menu (as the world famous gulash soup) or can set up any diet-plan if you wish.
The lovely couple started to sail together more than 4 years ago from Europe, sailed across the Atlantic ocean couple of times and lived/worked as crew for an international company in the Caribbean for a year. Since than they started their own charters from Central America through French Polynesia not to mention New Zealand and Australia and logged over 50,000 nautical miles. They are both PADI certified and Sara is a dive instructor offering PADI open water course right off the boat!

Come and join them to live the dream!

Tamas Hamor

Sara Hajdu
1st mate/chef/stewardess

1 242 455 8579